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1Mind Body Fitness, a Self-Care Fitness Therapy Combining Self-Healing, Self-Practice, & Self-Assist. 

Preventative Lifestyle; Focused on Habit-Forming Wellness.

 Build mental resilience

de-stress in real-time

increase time managment

Merge Mind Body Spirit

1Mind Body Fitness

Discover the symbiosis of man and nature, as well as the ability to activate and render daily health through simple yet natural action. Body systems are strengthened, nourished, and restored, leading to increased health, longevity, vitality, and physical fitness.

Self-care & Wellness activation

Body regeneration and rejuvenation, biomechanics, bone health, and vital organ health are all elevated and enhanced.

1MindBodyFitness caters to Authentic Knowledge for a New Age. Simple Strategies which Activates Resilience in Times of Change and Beyond. Enhances Life Quality. Both Live and On-Demand Courses with Reference Library.

Work-Life Self-Care & Healing

Simply Qi for busy people

Work and Life can get in the way of maintaining a healthy balance. It can also help you reduce stress and improve your mental health and well-being. However, current research indicates that caring for ourselves can be difficult. Simplify your health-care routine. Simple movements such as these result in “reduced stress, increased happiness, and an increased sense of social connectedness.” Use these self-care strategies to create a self-care routine that compliments your wellness self-care routine.

Try Self-Care & Healing

Teach Health Qigong. Anywhere, Anytime.

Learn 24/7 access on your laptop or mobile phone

Join our listing of qualified Health Qigong Coaches. Qualify & Start Teaching. On-Demand & In-Person Online Certification Program. Watch and listen to the video for details.

Train To Teach Online

Train To Teach Online Courses


Explore your self-care by viewing or downloading our free ebook on the topic of Six Healing Sounds Qigong. It is an excellent way to get going through being informed.

Enjoy the read.

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