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 Build mental resilience

de-stress in real-time

increase time managment

Merge Mind Body Spirit

1Mind Body Fitness

Experience the co-existent relation between man, nature, and the ability to activate and render daily health through simple yet natural action. Body systems become enhanced, strengthened, nourished, revitalized toward improved health, longevity, vitality, and physical fitness.

Self-care & Wellness activation

Vitality & Longevity fitness


Simply Vital & Minimal

The best physical activities don’t require the gym or to be fit enough to run a marathon. These “workouts” can do wonders for your health. To keep weight under control, improve balance, range of motion, strengthen bones, protect joints, prevent bladder control problems, and even ward off memory loss.

Sustainable Foods

Longevity Recipes

The food we put in our mouths can either fuel us or slowly kill us.  We will share recipes to maintain, nutrify and sustain our wellbeing. Simply put; provides you with the nutrients you need to sustain your body’s well-being and retain energy. Recipes as old as the hills to modern-day elevations. 

Food for Vitality & Longevity

live & work relaxed

Work-Life Integration

Crisis Resilience

Being resilient in times of a crisis and Work-Life Integration is obtainable with daily practice. We unravel the complex. Learn how to obtain an active balance within activities such as; health, life, family, work, and raising kids.

Online Lessons




Learn and master the core fundamentals of Tai Chi, Qigong, and Meditation. Perfect for beginners or those wanting to refine their Tai Chi, Qigong, and Meditation.   More Details



Busy Body Qigong

Whether you are on a business trip or have a full day of meetings, the gentle exercises are quick to learn and easy to integrate into your schedule.   More Details



Cosmic Healing Qigong Step-By-Step

Step by step process to understand the preparation to activate the healing within Meditation. Understand how to ground oneself i.e. seated, standing, or in action.  More Details



Standing Care - FREEBIE

The art of standing and walking; aids the prevention of stiffness and tight tendons, sinews, and muscles supporting the dexterity of all limbs and joints.   More Details



Tai Chi Quan Step-By-Step

Therapy in motion. Improve and amplify body regener­ation and rejuvenation, biomechanics, bone health, and internal organ health. More Details



Be A Coach

Training the public to be Health Qigong Coaches! Start with the simplest approach; progress as a novice and evolve. It's that simple!  More Details

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