Sport and health concepts are in excess yet we are unhealthy and prone to dread disease. The majority of health routines address singular health issues. Reminding one of the saying

“Water, water everywhere, not a drop to drink”.

Health Simplified

Our body heals and functions without active intent; dissimilar to a machine that requires input.  The Ancient health assist systems are renowned for effective efficiency.

Often lost or shrouded in mystery, too time-consuming, or far too complex to achieve in a short space and time.

The task of self-care and extended self-care is not spoken to enough. Finding a quiet time to connect; to find grounding when everything is in chaos, is not an easy task.

It needs to be a proactive and concerted action. Simple techniques found here at Map Me Healthy are broken down further into workable actions within daily use.

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Relaxation Response (Qigong) cuts health care costs. Harvard Team Finds 43% Reduction in Use of Health Care Services via Mind-Body Intervention. The study reveals how mind-body medicine could cut health care costs. The understated title of the open access article at PLoS from a Harvard University–Benson-Henry Institute mind-body team is “Relaxation Response and Resiliency Training and Its Effect on Healthcare Resource Utilization.”

Quality Versus Quantity

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of Americans who reach age 65 will someday need a high level of help with everyday activities such as bathing, dressing, and eating

8 risk factors

that can reduce the risk of dementia if addressed: hearing loss, hypertension, obesity, smoking, depression, physical inactivity, social isolation, and diabetes

25% fall injuries

more than 25 percent of adults 65 or older have a fall, and 3 million are treated in emergency departments for fall injuries, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Research shows that practicing tai chi and qigong can improve balance, stability, and flexibility in older people, including those with Parkinson’s disease.

Practiced regularly, it can also help reduce pain, especially from knee osteoarthritis, back problems, and fibromyalgia. Train Tai Chi Online

Our Vitality and Social Needs

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Human nature and society dictate that we are “too busy” to impact our own health. Each of us has inherited health techniques passed down to us; Map Me Healthy merely amplifies that which is in existence. Nutrition is not solely obtained from food. Nature and its elements play a vital role in our nutrition and our vitality.

  • Stretch Daily
  • Breathe Correctly
  • Soften Your Mind
  • Meditate Daily
  • Do Tai Chi Quan
  • Do Qigong
  • Do Yoga

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